Dialogue Blitz

Hi friends!

As I continue to scramble towards alpha, I wrapped up the dialogue for four more characters this week! Ok, partly cheating since Janika and Rebeka’s are nearly identical.

Janika/Rebeka (the Water Sisters):

Janika and Rebeka.png


Katarina (the Tinkerer):



Lilja (the Explorer):



For those keeping track, the ones that are left are:

  • Mihaly, the Musician
  • Piri, the Seamstress
  • Robert, the Poet
  • Rozsa, the Innkeeper
  • Sandor, the Clockmaker
  • Szabina, the Scholar
  • Tamas, the Chef
  • and Tomi, the Child

2/3 done, 1/3 to go! Onwards!


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