Countdown: 1 week to alpha

Hi friends!

In anticipation of alpha, this week saw a lot of clean-up on “game-breaking” bugs, those that would prevent you advancing the game during the alpha. This is the last pre-alpha build, next week we’ll move straight into the alpha!

This version (0.5.9) was pushed to Steam over the weekend, so if you happen to be one of the lucky few that already have a key, you can test it out.

– Dean

Developer’s Build 0.5.9 (last Pre-Alpha Build!)

General Changes

  • Fixed bugs related to ending the day early
  • Fixed several bugs related to the teleport menu in the cave
  • Teleporting within the cave now properly takes away time from the timer; the amount of time now also correctly displays in the choose room menu, and if you don’t have enough time left in the day to go there, the option is disabled

Quest Changes

  • Etel correctly blocks the cave until “Check Up” is completed
  • Receiving / completing the following quests has been added to the relevant dialogue trees
    • To House a Village
    • Check Up
    • A Little Something
    • To Feed A Village
    • Spirit Walk
    • Historic Preservation
    • Words of Wisdom
    • Bardic Inspiration
    • Threnody
    • Studies
    • Further Investigations
    • Crumble
    • Dr. Spore
    • Sketched Out
    • What’s Yours is Mine
    • A Brighter Tomorrow
    • Bring Him Home

Dialogue Changes

  • Fixed several bugs related to dialogue trees, including the annoying space after apostrophes and the “Bring Him Home” quest crashing the game rather frequently
  • Added the intro cutscene with the correct cast
  • Rebeka’s dialogue now correctly takes into account when Janika is dead
  • Gusztav, Robert and Tamas now properly identify mushrooms
  • Robert now won’t give the player “Light in the Dark” until day 3 at the earliest
  • Csaba now requests Charity after most dialogue; you can give her nearly any item in the game. Also, added charity values for:
    • Soldier’s Journal
    • Sheets
    • Leather Shoes
    • Well Read: Vidar’s Royal Library
  • Fixed a bug relating to determining the age of uncompleted quests
  • Fixed a bug related to checking for certain tools in inventory
  • Fixed several bugs where certain dialogues would break only after loading a saved game
  • Removed nameplate for Robert’s grieving dialogue

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Removed “X” tiles in Northwest Vidar
  • Fixed passage issues in North Vidar
  • Fixed the exit from the Castle Ruins
  • Erik has returned to run around Vidar on Day 1 again

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