Alpha Build!

Alpha Build 0.6.0

  • Fixed a bug where Elek’s day 2 dialogue could cause a crash
  • Elek now correctly identifies mushrooms in inventory
  • Elek now participates in “Bring Him Home” even if Cecilia is dead
  • Borbalo now correctly completes his “Sketched Out” objective
  • Dani now correctly completes “Hair of the Dog”
  • Added various additional cutscenes
  • Added several medical treatises to Gusztav’s house
  • Arpad’s location now correctly updates if you leave him hanging outside of Barnabas’s house
  • Csaba, Rozsa, Tamas, and Tomi now all appear outside when grieving
  • Etel and Sandor now properly respawn after day 1
  • Groa now properly returns to Vidar in “Bring Him Home”
  • Fixed a bug where a torch in the Ice Cave would crash the game
  • Added torches to the exit area from Dark Cave 4
  • Fixed a bug where Piri would never give the player “Spirit Walk”
  • Rozsa now gives the player the journal on day 2, if she’s alive

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