Alpha 2 – Stability

Hi friends!

This week was all about stability bugs – bugs that crashed the game, or blocked progress in the game. Don’t worry, low hanging fruit was harvested as well. We’ll be getting 10 more testers involved on Alpha Build 0.6.1 as part of the slow roll-out 🙂

Next week’s blog post will be a day late because of the 4th. Happy independence day!


  • Fixed a crash if you fell off of a puzzle on Day 1 in the Ice Cave

Alpha Build 0.6.1


  • Failure conditions have been updated for “Artifacts in Ice,” “Sketched Out,” “Bring Him Home,” “Light in the Dark,” “Threnody,” “To Feed a Village,” “Studies,” “Not a Thief,” “Man’s Best Friend,” “Boy’s Best Friend,” “War Never Changes,” “Smoke Them Out,” “Den of Darkness,” “Historic Preservation,” “Rewriting History,” “Further Investigation,” “Hunting Party,” “Crumble,” and “A Little Something.”

The Second Son

  • Fixed a series of bugs related to the completion of “The Second Son”
  • Erik will correctly leave the tool UI after completing his puzzle
  • Fixed some parts of Sandor’s dialogue that didn’t quite make sense

Dr. Spore

  • Gusztav now correctly gives this quest on day 2
  • Gusztav’s reminder no longer crashes the game
  • Completing the quest no longer crashes the game
  • Gusztav will now remove 1 from each mushroom, then cycle back to make up the difference, on completion (rather than taking all from one kind of mushroom first)
  • Gusztav will now trade Ivory Funnel mushrooms for Bread after completion of this quest
  • Picking up mushrooms will now trigger and update the journal appropriately

Spirit Walk

  • Fixed a slew of bugs related to Piri’s dialogue in “Spirit Walk”; Piri now knows if you’ve seen a ghost already in the cave, and knows when she’s given you the blessing for the day
  • Fixed journal animations

Faith in the Dead

  • Fixed how the journal treats “Faith in in the Dead”s various objectives; added a variable to track how many graves are left
  • Borbalo now gives you the Ice Cave Waypoint as a reward for “Faith in the Dead”
  • Fixed journal animations
  • Updated Borbalo’s text if he gives you this quest while in the Church

Love Letter

  • Cecilia gives you the letter for “Love Letter,” and the letter is properly removed from your inventory when completing the quest
  • Cecilia properly rewards you at the end of the quest

To Feed a Village

  • Fixed a bug where receiving “To Feed a Village” would crash the game
  • Tamas won’t give you this quest until Day 7 now; it felt too early

Hair of the Dog

  • “A Little Something” is now a prerequisite to this quest
  • Dani no longer crashes the game when giving the quest
  • Dani will give you a Campfire on completion if you already have the Flint & Steel

Light in the Dark

  • Robert correctly updates your journal when he gives you this quest
  • Robert now asks for the bright flower rather than just taking it


  • Adjoran, Geraint, Matti, and Vid’s dialogue is now correctly displayed
  • Fixed various typos in the dialogue trees; corrected some text that no longer applied
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs were not correctly identifying the building they were in
  • Rebeka properly no longer looks to Janika’s dialogue tree to determine whether to give full or truncated dialogue
  • Fixed a bug where Cecilia could crash the game the day after Robert or Piri died
  • Fixed a bug where Bernadett could crash the game after Borbalo died
  • Fixed a bug where Robert could crash the game after Cecilia died
  • Elek correctly fills the oil in your lantern more than once


  • Fixed a passage issue in the hospital
  • It is no longer possible to get trapped in the streetlight in Northeast Vidar
  • Fixed a bug where leaving the Ice Lagoon would take you to the wrong place
  • Fixed a particularly insidious bug where sometimes, NPCs could clip through walls in cutscenes
  • Small updates to map layouts here and there


  • Katarina will now stand outside and mourn Dorottya
  • Janika, Rebeka, and Piri will mourn by the water when one of them dies
  • Piri
  • Decreased the charity value of the journal
  • Removed the hideous attempt to show “bumpers” on the tool icon window
  • Improved readibility of various graves
  • Improved readibility of various cutscene dialogue
  • Fixed a bug related to the calculation of how many mushrooms you had in inventory; this bug also prevented the identification of mushrooms by all townspeople
  • Corrected the lightpillar tutorial text
  • Fixed a bug where loading a save would briefly show you the prior day’s map. This actually fixed a ton of different things, including snowy footsteps not showing up on load, lighting issues if you load a save that came from the Dark Cave, and more.
  • Fixed a bug where spending too much time in the cave would just crash the game on its own
  • Replaced the lanterns in the Dark Cave waypoint with torches
  • The tool UI hides itself when you’ve returned to town
  • “Man” and “woman” are now correctly used in dialogue when referring to the Stranger’s gender
  • Falling in the Ice Cave waypoint no longer resets you above the jump point
  • Added a brief tutorial about time and jumping to a distant room

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