*indicated that the fix won’t apply in old save files, but requires a new game


Artifacts in Ice

  • Fixed some of Szabina’s dialogue when giving you the helper component of this quest
  • Journal animation now plays at the right places
  • Cecilia now properly completes her helper objective

Faith in the Dead

  • Fixed some bugs that cropped up if “Spirit Walk” was completed before this quest*
  • Fixed Borbalo’s reminder dialogue if there’s only 1 grave left


  • Journal animation plays when receiving this quest

Scared of Shadows

  • Fixed some of Etel’s dialogue related to the completion of this quest
  • The journal animation now properly plays at completion

Spirit Walk

  • This quest should be completable now*
  • Adorjan’s name in the journal is fixed*

Words of Wisdom

  • Fixed the position of the text when you pick up the bowl*


  • Sandor’s intro dialogue accurately reflects that Barnabas found you
  • More fixes to ghost dialogue*


  • Returning from the Ice Cave Waypoint will no longer teleport you to Old Vidar
  • Entering the cave from the Ice Cave waypoint will not take away any time from the day


  • Removed all wolves in Dark Cave 2


  • Additional fixes to grave legibility
  • Borbalo will return to the Church if he is at the Workshop when Sandor dies

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