Hi friends!

This patch is designed to quickly fix some of the crashes I’ve been seeing in Vidar from current testers. It also includes a lot of work done on a handful of quests to make sure progress isn’t blocked on any of them, and a few updated location trees.

These hotfixes are likely to keep coming this quickly as crashes are detected. Hopefully once those trickle off, more meaty patches fixing a lot of other non-progress-blocking bugs can follow.


*indicates that the fix won’t apply in old save files, but requires a new game


Dr. Spore

  • Robert now correctly inherits this quest

Light in the Dark

  • Added some clean-up cutscenes for the conclusion of this quest
  • Robert won’t fail this quest if it’s not first received before inheriting Dr. Spore

Studies / Further Investigations

  • Water statute use now correctly tracked*

The Second Son

  • Fixed the text for when you try to leave Erik’s cave while the quest is pending
  • This quest times out correctly, including all relevant cutscenes and rewards

What’s Yours is Mine

  • Dorottya will no longer persistently try to conclude the quest if Katarina is dead
  • Fixed the cutscene on concluding the quest if Katarina is alive
  • Cleaned up Dorottya’s reminder dialogue
  • Mining ore now correctly updates the journal*
  • Dorottya and Katarina now correctly appear in the tunnel or outside in Vidar depending on what reward you choose


  • Csaba no longer crashes the game in grief after Tomi dies
  • Arpad no longer crashes the game trying to identify a mushroom
  • Dorottya no longer crashes the game reminding you to get her some ore


  • Added back exit to Cecilia’s house; added transfer points to and from the Dark Cave Waypoint
  • Added lights near the ore nodes in Dark Cave 2, 3, and 4
  • Wind no longer plays in the igloo, tanning shop, hospital, or poor house


  • Fixed a bug where you could activate a wall light in the Dark Cave from behind*


  • “Return to Vidar” will no longer gray out if you don’t have enough time to make it back to Ice Cave 1
  • Fixed a bug where completing Erik’s cave in Ice Cave 1 on day 1 would prevent you from being able to come back into the cave on subsequent days.
  • Fixed a crash if Rozsa died on day 1
  • Robert will grieve Gusztav outside at his grave, and vice versa
  • Dorottya will mourn at Katarina’s grave

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