Alpha 3 – Progress

Hi friends!

A lot of work specifically on quest progression this week: performance should be significantly better on “Bring Him Home,” “Dr. Spore,” and “Light in the Dark,” which is good, because they’re all three Dark Cave quests, and without being able to do them, the Dark Cave was feeling a little empty.

Alpha Build 0.6.2

NB: all old save files will crash repeatedly after downloading this update; don’t use ’em.


Bring Him Home

  • Groa now spawns; Cail no longer spawns on top of Groa
  • Groa’s grave will not appear until you’ve found Groa
  • Groa is saved from death the night you return him
  • After finding Groa the first time, Cail will move to the water cave
  • Gusztav now actually gives you the med kit, rather than just talking about it

Dr. Spore

  • Gusztav no longer crashes the game on completion of this quest
  • The journal now correctly updates when picking a mushroom if Robert has inherited the quest
  • Gusztav can still ID mushrooms while this quest is pending
  • Fixed various typos in the journal
  • Added the logic puzzle component; Robert should now be able to complete this quest if he inherited it

Light in the Dark

  • Robert should no longer crash the game during the quest
  • Robert’s key is no longer greyed out in inventory

Not a Thief

  • Digging locations now are all appropriately passable


  • Filling the bucket with imp oil doesn’t suddenly trigger game over

Scared of Shadows

  • The journal now triggers correctly on lighting all of the torches in the imp cave

Sketched Out

  • Fossils block passage by the player now; they also have hover notifications

Spirit Walk

  • The way the journal updates is all around improved

Studies / Further Investigations

  • Statue use updates the journal in an even better way! The journal is all around better for these quests

To Feed a Village

  • Fish now spawn in the Water Cave

What’s Yours is Mine

  • Added choreography to the completion cutscene
  • Moved the ore vein that was trapped behind a barrel in Dark Cave 4


  • Various fixes to readibility and typos
  • Additional dialogue added concerning “The Second Son”
  • Elek won’t get hung up on trying to identify an oyster mushroom anymore


  • Fixed a small pathing issue in the hospital


  • You can no longer trigger water statues from the side or back
  • Returning to partially completed rooms in the Dark Cave will no longer crash the game
  • Lighting a wall lantern will no longer crash the game


  • Lights in Vidar won’t block the character once turned on
  • Tamas will not grieve for Dani before day 3
  • Katarina will be outside grieving Sandor
  • Footprints no longer appear on the Church wall
  • Fixed the text cut-off in mushroom descriptions
  • Mushrooms will be unnamed until they are identified by someone in town
  • Removed a poorly placed mushroom in Dark Cave 4

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