About Vidar

Vidar is a top-down RPG-puzzler where everyone dies. The game takes place in a town in rapid decline. Each villager has a distinct personality, complex relationships, and quests to give the player. Every night, a villager is killed by a beast – the player must enter the beast’s lair before everyone in Vidar is killed. The lair features four unique settings, each filled with puzzles which blend nostalgic dungeon-exploration mechanics (like frictionless ice, mirrors which reflect light, adjustable water levels, and more) with new twists. The player is given a pressure-inducing time limit to solve as many puzzles as possible or complete villager-given sidequests before returning to town, when another villager dies. As townsfolk die off, the remaining citizens react accordingly, diverting the plot in dozens of different directions, making certain quests accessible and barring completion of others. What makes Vidar unique is its replayability – because the puzzles, order of deaths, available quests, quest rewards, and direction the plot takes are all chosen at random, each playthrough of Vidar gives the player a unique challenge.

Visit vidarthegame.com for screenshots and more!

This blog is a combination dev-blog for Vidar, along with tutorials, tips and tricks in RPG Maker VX Ace.

Dean Razavi is a lawyer-cum-game designer in New York City. He’s an RPG Maker enthusiast, and in fact shipped a wedding-based RPG along with his wedding invites to all his guests.

The Iron Shoe is all about problem-solving. So if you’ve got a question about RPG Maker, fill out the contact form below, and the solution to your problem might be featured in a blog post!


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