Alpha 5 – Puzzles

Hi friends!

This week, after completing a lot of internal testing, we’re turning on a ton of options for the puzzle generator in the alpha build. You’ll also see some further improvements to various quests, specifically in the second half of the game.

Catch you next time!


Alpha Build


Bring Him Home

  • This quest can now be completed with helpers other than Gusztav, Elek, or Robert

Bury the Hatchet

  • Fixed the flow of this event if you have already completed “Spirit Walk”

Historic Preservation / Rewriting History

  • Added significant journal updates
  • Improved tool use

Spirit Walk

  • Grave teleportation is much improved

War Never Changes

  • Added a few necessary cutscenes
  • Added the interior of Barnabas’s house


  • Fixed a spot where you could fall off unintentionally in Ice Cave 1
  • Fixed some edge issues in Ice Cave 3
  • Removed the stray soldier’s journal in Boulder Cave 4
  • Added a return to title screen at the end of Boulder Cave 4
  • Fixed some passage issues in Vidar West
  • Reduced the flickering of lights in the Castle Ruins
  • Added a spring of purified water in the lagoon


  • Options 1-5 enabled for most puzzles
  • Fixed a bug where resetting early Boulder Cave puzzles would cause a crash
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t reset Puzzles 26 or 64
  • Fixed some graphics issues in Puzzle 25
  • Slight redesign of:
    • Puzzle 64 Option 0
    • Puzzle 65 Option 0
    • Puzzle 66 Option 0
  • Fixed some bugs related to passage and sprite drawing in the Boulder Cave
  • Resolved some of the lag in the boulder cave
  • Fixed a forever problematic imp in the lagoon (for real this time!)


  • Re-enabled limited analytics
  • Fixed some text in the lagoon
  • Campfires now autosave, rather than opening the save menu