Alpha 6 – UI

Hi friends!

This week focused on adding a bit of UI functionality to the game. It’s fine for now, but once the minimap is added it’ll be a little cluttered. Still working on a way to display the information in a nice, compact way. Fortunately, today’s UI was built with that in mind, so it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping it when the complete UI is finished.

I talked about the launcher two¬†weeks ago, more progress was made on that this week! Hooray! Next week we’ll be finally ready to get Kickstarter backers who wanted direct download a copy of the alpha.

Small notes for this week, expect that to be the case for the next 3 weeks; once late August hits, however, this thing’ll pick up steam like wild.

Catch you next week!

– Dean

Alpha Build


  • Added additional timer UI. The clock now has a nice window and is in an easy to read font. Even if you don’t have the clock, you’ll be able to track time roughly with the passage of a sun UI. It’s not precise, but it’ll get the job done if Sandor dies the first night.


  • Gendered words (he/she, sir/maam, etc.) will now be properly capitalized when they start a sentence
  • Fixed a bug where the equipped tool would randomly rotate on entering a room