Bridges – Tutorial and Supplement

William The Unpro Pro has a video on how to make bridges, and it’s a great scriptless way to have a character go both under and over bridges, depending on levels! Check it out! As a supplement, Reddit user warboy3 had some difficulty implementing the events William described in his video. The trick he was missing – and one not specified in William’s video – is shift clicking. When RPG Maker VX Ace generates a roof tile – like the one warboy3 was using – it autotiles the roof accordingly. What this means is, if your roof tile has a ground tile to its north, then the roof’s northern edge will be a border. Putting aside bridges and events and all of that jazz, this is what happens when you make a roof:

Bridge Tutorial

See those dark green borders circled in red? Those are autogenerated by RPG Maker at the edge of the roof so that you don’t walk onto the roof from its side.

As awesome as the bridges are, they won’t change that fact. Which is why our hapless player was able to walk across the bridge, but only if the bridge extended past the auto-generated border. That looks dumb, as he rightfully complained, so instead, lets get rid of the border entirely! Shift rightclick on any roof tile that is surrounded by roof tiles, say…that one:

Bridge Tutorial

The circled tile is surrounded by roof on all sides, so RPG Maker hasn’t generated a border.

Then shift leftclick on the entrance/exit to your bridge. It’ll look like this, notice a slight change?:

Bridge Tutorial

Take a look at the left roof, where we might have a bridge connect.

Shift-clicking copies exactly the source tile, auto-generated borders and all. Our bridge is going to connect to the roof on the right, but see the tile where we’ll step out? We’ll probably want to keep the top border, and just eliminate the left border. Thoughts as to how to do that?

Once you’ve got the map set up, follow William the Unpro Pro’s tutorial, and you’ve got yourself a bridge, son!

Bridge Tutorial

We’re going all over – and under – this bridge. It’s gonna be awesome.

Incidentally, Neon Black has an awesome script to handle bridges, and it uses region tags, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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