Pieces of Key

An easy one today!

Reddit user No_Fudge (that is the saddest username I’ve ever seen. How could someone be without fudge?!) wanted to make a collectible item that’s used to open chests in his game. So rather than simply walking up to a chest, and rather than having that One Key for that One Chest, he wanted the chests in his game to be locked unless a player used 50 key fragments to open them. Hope they have a high drop rate!

The quick solution is a conditional branch! In your chest event, wrap everything in a conditional branch that asks if you have 50 key fragments in your inventory. If you do, take away 50 key fragments and open the chest as usual. If you don’t, display a message that you need 50 fragments, but only have X. Something like this:

Key Fragments Tutorial

Wrap this conditional branch around the default chest event that RPG Maker generates, and you’re set!

Too easy? Well then try a little challenge on for size: create three different key fragments – red, blue and yellow – and have a chest only respond to a specific type of key fragment. Don’t solve this problem by changing the item reference in the line example provided; instead, have a single common event or script that runs a check for every chest. We’ll test out some solutions soon!



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