Alpha 4 – Questing

Hi friends!

More of the same this week; fixed to crashes took priority, plenty of fixes to quest progression as well. Specifically, “Bury the Hatchet,” “Hair of the Dog,” “Historic Preservation,” “Sketched Out,” and “Words of Wisdom” should all be in a much better place.

Outside of these fixes, progress was made on revamping the library for the first alpha content patch that’ll come once this stuff is all sorted out. I also implemented a launcher and very rough patching system, the first step towards direct download distribution!

Until next time!


Alpha Build


Bring Him Home

  • Groa can properly complete this quest if Csaba is dead
  • Neither Elek nor Rozsa will crash the game during the pendency of this quest

Bury The Hatchet

  • Added a cutscene during the receipt of this quest, to help digest the massive amounts of dialogue
  • Arpad no longer crashes the game on returning this quest
  • Arpad won’t give you a copy of Barnabas’s Axe every time he reminds you of this quest
  • Added a variant of this quest that interacts with “Spirit Walk”

Clearing the Way

  • Katarina no longer crashes the game when inside the tunnel

Dr. Spore

  • The journal updating is even more improved

Hair of the Dog

  • Scotch should now spawn at the appropriate time
  • Dani’s reminder should no longer crash the game
  • Dani shouldn’t crash the game when rewarding you for this quest either

Historic Preservation

  • Piri should now give you this quest at the appropriate time

Not A Thief

  • The journal will not update unless you have the quest already active
  • Added a better icon for the Teddy Bear
  • Added a completion cutscene

Sketched Out

  • The journal correctly updates after sketching all fossils
  • Gusztav no longer crashes the game on his helper objective reminder
  • Borbalo actually completes this quest
  • Rewards should be accurately given out

Spirit Walk

  • Vid and Adorjan should always spawn

To Feed a Village

  • Tamas will actually complete this quest and remove the correct number of fish
  • Fixed a lot of journal updates

What’s Yours is Mine

  • Dorottya will not trigger the option cutscene if Katarina is mourning
  • Eliminated certain circumstances where this quest’s progression could be blocked by “A Brighter Tomorrow”

Words of Wisdom

  • Added the cutscene to complete this quest; the Bowl of Wisdom works now


  • Changes in profession (currently Blacksmith or Doctor) should now be saved in a save file appropriately
  • The entrance to the Tide no longer spawns
  • Fixed a bug in various cutscenes where NPCs weren’t turning correctly
  • Fish should be a little less graphically glitchy
  • Fixed a crash when switching to the imp oil lantern; the lantern now also displays properly

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