Alpha Build


Artifacts In Ice

  • At reward level 3, this quest now rewards the shovel

Bring Him Home

  • Added several variants of the completion cutscene
  • Groa’s corpse doesn’t stick around while he’s also up and walking
  • Always more journal fixes
  • The medicine kit or medicine bottle are properly consumed when healing Groa
  • Groa won’t give you 10 medical kits now in this quest (seems like overhealing)

Light in the Dark

  • Picking up Bright Flowers while this quest is no longer pending shouldn’t keep reminding you

Man’s Best Friend

  • Groa will now give you this quest

Not A Thief

  • Interaction with the dig locations is now via shovel use

Sketched Out

  • Szabina doesn’t overburden you with too much parchment now
  • Fixed a bug where small fossils wouldn’t spawn
  • Fixed a crash on completing this quest

Spirit Walk

  • Even more journal improvements
  • Piri will now complete this quest and give you the permanent blessing

War Never Changes

  • Fixed the graphic and text for Arpad’s sword; picking it up now correctly triggers the journal


  • Tools now work in the Dark Cave waypoint


  • Changed the font, size, and outline thickness in an effort to increase readibility
  • Katarina should follow Dorottya around Vidar better
  • More location tree updates for mourners
  • People in town should no longer appear semi-transparent when outside
  • Yesterday’s fish will spoil once you enter the cave
  • Fish in inventory now have an icon
  • All followers now walk at the correct speed, right behind you

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